Thursday, December 8, 2011

the Sick.

1970's does 50's Angora Sweater (thrifted, $1)
1940's Black Wool Pencil skirt (yard sale, Matches winter coat)
'True Love' Brooch (Handmade - 'Fabricate', $5)
'I don't put out' Pin -via "Ladies & Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains" ($1)
Black Hose
Black Cut-Out Flats ($1)

Yep, it's official:  I'm sick.  This is the 3rd morning, and frankly, at this point it's just starting to get a little irritating..  I'm able to function physically, but my brain & body huuuurrt.  :( Anywho- I've wanted a 50's Angora sweater for SO long, but have settled with this cherry red 70's repro that I thrifted for a buck.  I love it, but will most definitely be on the lookout for my coveted 50's white version!

The skirt matches my winter coat that I showed you in the last post; so lovely! 
In other news, after a great convo with our past drummer (from Good Night Noises), we've decided to pool the members of GNN and my newest venture 'Sadie Hawkins'.  I get a great feeling from the idea, and am SO pumped for a fresh start!  Our first practice together is Monday, and I'm keeping my fingers/toes/every limb crossed that is goes awesome.  As for the name of the new "band", not sure which one we'll go with.  I'm pretty torn- I love GNN, but it feels a little cosmically soiled (if you know what I mean, :).  After Monday I'll be sure to tell you all the details!

Of course my body decides to be sick when I have a billion things planned for the weekend!  Wedding shower tom., 2 parties Saturday, a show to play Sunday, then Band practice Monday- bahhh.  Here's to hoping I'll wake up tomorrow feeling ready to crank out this weekend with a smile!

I tried to arrange the pins so that they would say "true love don't put out", haha, but they won't cooperate.  The 'True Love' pin is actually a hair clip that I just stuck through the knit of the sweater, and the other pin is a quote from, "Ladies & Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains".  Love that movie...

Jimmy and I watched 'Midnight in Paris' last night (my 2nd, his 1st).  It was even better the 2nd go!  I really do love that movie..  I find it to be so whimsical; it's light and fun, but still has depth and an awesome story line (which doesn't seem to happen much these days in movies).  Good job Mr. Allen! 

Hopefully I don't look too sickly..  I've been trying being sick "Jimmy style", which means pretending not to be sick.  I'm doing relatively well, haha, in between the complaints :). 


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