Friday, December 16, 2011

It's a Crochet kind of Day.

1960's Brown Crocheted Bell Sleeve Dress
($18, Ebay)
Brown tights
Brown Lace ups ($26?)

Oh how I love this dress...  I'm telling you- slide into this dress, and you are transported into a groovy 60's party...  Even at 9:30am, I felt ready to GO OUT!  Now that's a quality I look for in a dress :). 
I purchased this dress from an Ebay seller a year ago (?), and I fell insanely in love the second I put it on.  Well, actually, it was EXTREMELY short (and I'm 5 foot tall), so luckily I got an extra 1-2 by taking out the hem...  Seriously, could you imagine this dress 2 inches shorter?  Haha, it's already on the brink of way-too-short as it is.  Those 60's ladies had some proverbial balls. 

But yeah, paired with these lace up boots, I'm getting some seriously cool vibes.  Luckily, I have a work (my other PT job, 'Fit Bodies') party to go to tonight, so I'll be able to enjoy this baby all night.  And to top it off, a friends band is playing at the restaurant where we are celebrating :).

Can any of you crochet?? 
I've bought the supplies before, but never actually started any projects.  It's probably because I want to go from 'not knowing how to crochet' to making a 1930's sweater...  Hmm.  0-60.  One day my friends!

So, I went to the movies last night and saw the newest 'Harold & Kumar' in 3D. 
Yeah, there are a couple funny parts, but geez, it's pretty ridiculous...  I enjoyed the 1st one for sure, but now we are on 3, and it shows.  NPH is amazing as always though :). 

Photo Strip.
I'm off tomorrow (yay!), so hopefully over the weekend I'll finish my velvet dress to show you on Tuesday. 

::::::::::My sewing ToDo List:::::::::::
Psych. Patterned Pants
Velvet Maxi Dress
2 toned Skirts

We shall see!
I can't believe I still have 2 dresses I've made that I haven't shown yet!  My most recent creation is one of my favorites so far, but it gets so freaking wrinkly..  maybe I'll try to take some pics at home (?). 

So, I know you guys know that Kathleen Hanna gave this (below) iconic feminist sweater to Tavi (of StyleRookie fame) a while back.  I've been looking for a handmade sweater with any resemblance for years after first seeing Kathleen in it, with no luck :(.  I know the sweater was indeed handmade, and given to Hanna as a gift... So!  I've been thinking about commissioning someone to even just knit me a rectangle with the word 'feminist' on it, that I can in turn sew into my own sweater. 
So, if you knit, and are able to knit letters, email me!  I will pay you! 
Now that I'm writing this, I think it would also be cool to embroider it into an existing sweater- hmm. 

 When I was in Middle/High school, I used to buy random Cd's  pretty frequently.  I found some awesome bands, and only had a couple serious bombs out of the whole bunch- one being Avril Lavigne (before she was well know), good god...  But all in all, it was a great way to find some lesser known bands.  
The song below is from a said band, called 'Another Girl'.  Apparently this is the only full album she released, sadly.  It's a great cd. 


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