Tuesday, October 16, 2012

for the HOME.

On lazy days, I'll walk to the book store by the shop, sip on a cup of coffee and lose myself in magazines for a couple of hours.  While perusing Vogue Living, I came across my hypothetical dream home.  Behold!
Ahh, I'm so in love with it's deconstructed beauty..  The colors, and handmade pieces are all so deliberate, yet seem so nonchalant and organic.
The residents and creators of this home are 2 visual artists by the names of Genevieve Carrol and Bill Mosley.  So lovely.
While we're building my dream home, let's go ahead and throw in this glass walled kitchen surrounded by forest.
And hang this photograph by Cari Wayman on the wall.
Then we'll finish it off with a fire in the backyard overlooking a lake. 
Hey, one can dream right?