Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lone Ranger.


Belated Birthday Pics!

My Mom came up for a day of thrifting and then to dinner at a restaurant called 'The Senate'.  I found this dress earlier that day, and I must say it is one of my favorite dresses I've ever gotten my hands on!  It was a maxi (unfortunately a very unflattering length), so I hemmed it right in time for dinner.  It seriously fits me like a glove :).  Plus, I have tons of fabric left over to make a little top and skirt.  Double score.

1970's Birthday Dress, Thrifted, $7
Nude Platform Sandals, Ebay, $14

1970's Pin dot Blouse, Thrifted, $1
1970's Tapestry Indian Belt, Yard Sale $2
1970's Lee Corduroy Bells, Borrowed from Jimmy, $0
1970's Moccasins, Thrifted, $7

Well, I finally figured out that if I use Safari instead of Firefox, I can use Blogger without wanting to throw my computer out of the window :).  I'm Mac retarded, sigh...  

Wow, this is one cheap outfit, eh?  I've been pretty lazy lately when it comes to outfits.  Mainly, it's been hot.  I'm blaming the weather.  No, but it's days like this that I don't take pictures- maybe it just feels too casual?  But then I realized that perhaps casual days deserve their place too..

Oh, I love this top.  It's super thin, and just sheer enough to feel super comfortable, but not that you have to wear a tank top underneath (which I absolutely always avoid).  It's really nothing special.  But for some reason the little pin dots get me.  I had to cut off the sleeves, which prompted Jimmy to make a crack about me being "too cool for school".  Ha!  Not a fashion choice; I'm a midget, with raptor like arms!  I must dress accordingly.

Yes.  Jimmy and are are basically the same size, but his plethora of pants never 'fit quite right', so it's not often that I can "borrow" (aka steal forever and ever) a pair.  I finally got some, bwahahaahahaaa.

So, I was perusing HelloGiggles this morning; catching up from the weekend, and landed on a short  article on women with mustaches.  I was a little saddened by the fact that the writer and every commenter was of the same opinion:  Wax/Burn/Chemically eradicate it or die of embarrassment.  I looked through the comments hoping for someone to mention that 99% of women have facial hair on their upper lip, and that 100% of humans (we are animals folks) have facial hair.  

When I was in high school, some awesome person made a comment about my upper lip situation, and I was mortified (as most adolescent girls would be).  I quickly went and bought that stupid chemical kit that dissolved the unwanted hair.  And guess what?  That blonde peach fuzz grew back darker.  Awesome.  So, then I decided I would be in for a lifetime of chemicals burning away at my lip.  

Insert time, a million lessons learned, and a love for my body.

To that idea, I say F U!  We all have hair on our faces.  And for the most part, noone ever notices but you.  And if they do, so what?  We aren't freaks of Nature, and I propose that we not feel that way about ourselves!  I stopped using that chemical crap years ago, and embraced my little shadow.  And honestly, I don't ever even think about it.  And if someone else does, they are suffering from far greater issues than I will ever have, so let em.  We should all have our own ideals, not some barbie aesthetic shoved down our throats.  


Oh!  I've recently started doing Pilates, and am so in love!  I love how difficult it is- it makes me feel so strong.  Plus, after every class, I notice muscles in places I didn't know could be tightened, haha.  After another few classes, I'm going to start going to the 'Barre' classes as well; I'm pumped!  

Have an awesome day, Ally.

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