Tuesday, September 11, 2012


1960's VERA top   -  Chicago Vtg. Store, $10 
Black Levi's  -  $20
Velvet Black Flats

Oh man, this top rocks hard.  I've been looking for tops constantly, and finally the vintage gods have heard my cries.  I actually almost walked out of the store without seeing it, can you imagine?  

I want to wear this shirt everyday.  Forever. 
But really, it's super thin and soft, and is the perfect size/length/etc.  It has stains all over it, but whatever!  I'm thinking I should make a pattern out of this and make more..  hmm.  

I'm digging this look- black peg legs, ballet flats & braids.  I'm feeling like a 1960's off duty ballerina.  I have no idea why, haha, but that's the feel.  

It's weird.  Since I'm more curvy and short, I usually tend to stay away from tent-like tops and dresses as they look like maternity wear, but lately I'm changing my tune!  I've tried on a few A-line Mod dresses, and I'm feeling like they're looking pretty flattering.  Who woulda thought?  

Man, I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling so LAZY lately- mentally and physically.  I don't want to do anything AT ALL.  I hate feeling this way..  I don't even want to sew!  :(  And funk only breeds more funk, so hopefully I'll snap out of it soon and join the world again.  

Oh my god- the Ty Segall show is coming up soon!!  I'm so excited for a Rock & Roll show!!  Every show I've seen lately is so calculated- I'm in need of some raw energy.  Stat.  


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