Thursday, August 9, 2012

Outfit Fails & a New Love.

Ahh, yes.  So many outfit fails that will never reach the light of your laptop.  These are the 2 most recent ones. 
No, the outfits sadly did not translate to film, but I still found some cool pieces!

New----->1970's Navy Daisy Shorts  - thrifted, $1
1970's Daisy Tooled Leather Belt -  thrifted,   $2
1990's Sandals -  thrifted,  $2

I FINALLY found some sandals- praise the shoe gods!  It only took me over a year, and countless (and I mean countless) hours in thrift stores, but I finally snagged a pair that I like, and most of all FIT.  -Sigh of relief-

Of course, the entire sole came off the first day I wore them, but they've been 'Shoe Gooed' and are as good as new :).  

1970's Poly Bird Print Tank,  yard sale $2

Yeah, the awesome bird print definitely does not translate.  Too bad- it's a pretty cool print.  

It's strange how much a photo changes the way you look at your clothing.  Cher had it right, what with her computer/polaroid way of choosing her outfits.  

I've fallen in love folks.  

with TY Segall.  
Oh man, I'm obsessed.  


FUDGE....  So good.  
I haven't found I new singer/band I've liked this much in a while; and I certainly needed it.  

To my surprise, he is currently on tour, and is coming to Nashville in September!  Yeessssss.  I haven't had the option to see a band I love in a long while, so I'm super pumped to make the drive!!!

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  1. Helloooooo there! I love your printed top and the shop is looking fabulous! I would love to recline on your couch and boss all your customers into what to buy - hehee!!! I agree about the polaroid thingy, my outfits got way more fun (to me!) once I started blogging - I think the mirror does lie, but a photo never does:). Have a fabulous weekend hon! xoxo