Thursday, August 16, 2012


1950's Rayon Print Dress  -  thrifted, $4.50
1940's Hair Combs  -  Grandma's, $0
Black Velvet Flats 

Found this dress yesterday while out thrifting- it is soooooo comfortable.  I love how subdued the colors are, and adore the button down bodice.  It's not the most flattering dress I've ever worn, but damn it, sometimes that has to fall by the wayside :).  

My Los Angeles trip is Creeping (and I mean inching, very slowly) up a little closer everyday.  I'm REALLY trying to not get excited yet, but my resolve is pretty much gone...  I'm SO PUMPED!  Even though I've never even been to California, I've long decided that it's the place for me.  I'm hoping I'll hate it (yeah right, ha!), and be content with living in my current city for a few more years...  Who am I kidding?  I'm going to fall head over heels and never come back!  

Obvously, I've been researching the area to death, and have every Vintage Store and Vegan Restaurant on lock down :).  Oh man... the food!  There are a few places I've been reading about for years that I'm pretty pumped to try.  Cafe Gratitude, and Real Food Daily come to mind.  As for Vintage stores, I'm can't wait to check out Wasteland, Jet Rag, American Rag, and the likes.  Thankfully my Mom is into the same stuff I am (i.e music, vintage and bars as opposed to "sightseeing"), so we'll be hitting all the famous Rock & Roll spots from the 60's-70's, famous bars (Roxy, Viper Room, etc.), and Laurel Canyon.  

Okay, I've got to stop for now or I won't be able to physically make it through the next week :). 

So, I finished our new Sandwich Board for the shop this morning, and it's def working!  We've had a ton of people in today.  I included a picture of it at the bottom of the post.  I looked FOREVER and couldn't find one cheaper than $70 (are you kidding?)..  We toyed with the idea of making one, but then I found a vintage kids chalkboard for $3 which ended up to be perfect!  Totally worth the wait.  Anyway, I had to paint one whole side, but the other side is a chalkboard- although, I'll probably end up fixing that up too.  The sides are hand drawn.  Love <3.

So, I know I professed my love for Ty Segall in my last post- and I have to say, my obsession only keeps growing.  Ahh, I can't listen to anything else :).  "Melted" was my first purchase, but I've been digging his collaboration with "White Fence" called Hair.  So many great things to look forward to!  LA, Ty Segall, the Southgate House re-opening.. couldn't come at a better time; I need some mind-unclogging.  


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  1. I can't wait to see your vegan food and vintage posts post-trip. So many people I would never have expected are loving LA these days. (It used to be the city no one ever even wanted to visit like a decade ago.)

    That is a pretty cute sandwich board.