Wednesday, November 16, 2011


1950's Velvet Bow Headband (yard sale, $1)
Music Note Dress (Thrifted Bed Sheet, $.25)
-Made by Me-
Black Velvet Flats

The night before last I made this dress out of a thrifted 1970's bed sheet.  Surprisingly, this is one of my favorite things I've ever made!  I still need to mass with the fit a little bit, but for not altering the pattern, I think it came out pretty good!  It's so comfortable, and pretty flattering.  Since it is a white sheet, I lined every piece with unbleached muslin.  It gave the dress so much more structure, and really adds something to the dress I think.  I don't own anything with a graphic pattern such as this, and now I want more!

Geez, I've wanted a 1950's black velvet bow headband for YEARS, but they're always a lot more expensive than I'm willing to pay.  Well, the waiting paid off, because I found this baby at a yard sale for a whopping dollar!  You can't beat that :).  I wore this yesterday for work, but went out for trivia night afterward.  I added a cropped black sweater, and black hose.  I usually wouldn't be so matchy-matchy about it, but in this case I think you need to keep the colorway going for effect. 

I'm still so glad I cut my bangs!  They're starting to grow out, and I'm loving the look and feel :). 

Does anyone know the name of the plant below???  Wish I could get one of my own!

Sadly, today is marks one year of my grandma's passing...  Time flies.  It feels like it was only yesterday.  Needless to say, I didn't have the energy to get dressed at all this morning, so I'm glad I had yesterdays outfit waiting in the wings.  I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of her with you.  She is the one with the dark hair- she was so pretty :). 
Look at that bathing suit body!!  <3

The other night I found an awesome new band from Japan.  Listen to the song below- the melody is FANTASTIC.  They are rapidly becoming a favorite. 
Hope you have a great day, and tell someone that you love them <3 :).

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