Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hey hey.

1950's Cashmere Cardigan (Cincy Vtg. Store, $3)
1960's Plaid Skirt (Ohio Vtg. Store, $16)
Pea Green Tennies

It's sunny & it feels like a Beatles/Ramones/Wavves day to me :).  I love the colors of this skirt soooo much; and was so excited that it actually fit me I could scream.  My friend Lindsay and I took a little road trip some 6 months ago to see one of her favorite bands 'the Punch Brothers'.  Whenever I go out of town, the first thing I do is look up vintage stores and vegan restaurants.  I can't for the life of me remember the name of the vtg. store, but it was huge, and we spent 2 hours wondering around looking for the perfect souvenir.  When I took the skirt up to the counter, the cute little man (who was the owner) just sighed, and said he wished he was a woman so that he could wear it.  :), I told him I would cherish it.  And trust me, this is one piece of clothing I'll be wearing when I'm 80. 

Ahhh!  We finally figured out (well, had the money) how to hook up our computer to the tv to watch Netflix/Youtube/Itunes/etc.  Awesome!  Various how to videos, and $50 later, we are set.  So, so, so glad we finally did it- it's totally worth it if you have netflix.

It's so beautiful outside right now!  We live in the historic area of Newport; with tree lined streets.  And in the Fall, it really is a sight to be seen.  It's so nice to walk/ride your bike around the neighborhood, especially with the weather we've had the past couple days.  :) 

The next 2 pics are taken out of my kitchen window.  I love the blue sky against the yellow/orange/red of the leaves. 
I hope it's as pretty outside where you are! 
Not much to say today, but hope you're having an awesome day :).


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