Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pencil Plaid.

1950's Plaid Pencil Dress, made with 1970's wool Fabric (Free)
-made by me-
1940's Brooch (Heirloom)
Blue Tights
Black Velvet Flats

Man- it's pretty crappy outside today.  It's pouring outside, and I'm soaked, so please excuse the following, haha. 
The last time we talked, I was gearing up for a night at a poetry reading downtown.  It was all women (one being a friend), and we had an awesome time!  For those of you that live in the area, it was held at the 'Greenwich', and the poetry troupe is called 'Bitches Brew' (they're on facebook).  This was their 2nd show, and I heard that they're planning on doing a show once a month.  After that we went to play some pool, and ended the night with some good laughs :). 
Back to the outfit!
I made this dress yesterday out of a 1950's pattern, and plaid wool fabric from the 70's (given to me by a friend).  I LOVE this dress- but next time, I'm def making it with a solid fabric.  Even lining up the areas that I did took some patience that I didn't want to doll out.  I think it would look awesome in an aqua tweed, or maybe a magenta velvet..  Yes, you will be seeing another version of this dress soon!

Last night, we went out to dinner to celebrate Jimmy's moms & his brothers fiance's birthdays (that's a mouthful).  I wish, wish, wish that I would've taken pics last night instead, because I teased my hair, had big turquoise cat eye's, and patten leather teal wedges, (and this dress).  It looked awesome! 
I started a dress last night out of some pretty unexpected fabric, and am excited to get it done to show you :).  It's another pencil dress, but this time from the early 60's with a v-neck.  I'll save the rest for when I actually get the dress done!

I loved working with the wool fabric- it's so easy to sew.  I find myself having to edit what I actually make these days.  I want to make EVERYTHING regardless of if I actually want to wear it/can wear it with anything, lol.  I'm in the phase of wanting to try out every piece of clothing I can- vest, pants, jeans, etc.  But yeah, I'm really trying to make sure that I'm 100% excited about each piece that I make; and the ultimate test being how long I can wait to wear it. 
After I finish this dress, I'm going to dive back into pants.  I made a pair of wide leg 70's trousers a couple months ago; and they looked OK, but could've been better.  Pretty sure (okay, I'm sure) I chose the wrong fabric, and it really showed in the drape of the legs (thus is why you never saw them). 

WHERE did this year go?  By far, the fastest year of my life..  Does it feel that way to you? 
I'm planning on making 99% of my xmas presents this year, so yeah, I need to get started!!!  Now!!!

Luckily, there is a knitting shop on the same street as the shop (in walking distance), so I think I'll take a trip over today and get started :). 
Have a great (albeit crappy looking) day, and who knows?  Maybe you'll see a new dress tomorrow too!

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