Thursday, April 26, 2012


After our show a few weeks ago, we enlisted a couple friends to take some new 'Good Night Noises' pics for us.  After trying an actual photo shoot setting out last week, I've come to the conclusion that we definitely need a little help from good ol' alcohol to rid ones nerves :).  These are from the first shoot, and I think they turned out great!

Have you 'Girls' on HBO??  Well, it's awesome!!  I randomly came across the movie 'Tiny Furniture' on Netflix, and it immediately became one of my favorite movies of the year.  After doing some research, I found that Lena Dunham, who is the main character, also wrote and directed the film. 

I am in absolutely in love with her writing/directing/acting style.  She has a raw, real woman outlook that she is able to project onto the screen & viewer in such a fantastic way.  She captures what it REALLY means to be a woman, something I don't feel that I have EVER seen in a movie, let alone tv.  As an actress, she doesn't think about which angle will make her arm look skinnier, and she isn't wearing the most flattering outfits or vying to be the most attractive woman in every room she enters.  She is the mirror of daily life, and I find it sooooo refreshing.

Shortly after falling in love with her movie, I found out that she would be starring/writing/directing a tv show on HBO called 'Girls'.  Ugh, the build up was frightfully difficult, but I made it, and the show is everything I could have asked for!  Three of the characters were in her film as well; which is fun to see. 

Lena is 25 years old- can you believe it?  When was the last time a woman of that age was able to have an opportunity like this (i.e a show written, directed and fronted by a woman)?  I believe never...  I know it sounds silly, but I am so proud of her!  I'm so proud that such a well spoken, intelligent and down to earth woman is out there representing us in the cruel world of Hollywood.  I think this breakthrough will affect how the industry views women; and hopefully society will eventually follow.

I can't tell you how many times I have heard a man say, "Women aren't funny.  Name me 10 women that are funny".  PSSHHHH.  Please.  And you know, I last heard this comment/insulting question about a month ago.  From an adult man. 

The older I get, the more I am aware of the subtleties of the male hold over women.  Before I continue, I obviously do not mean all men, I am speaking only of the non-evolved men that find women intimidating and act out either quietly or loudly. 

I notice small things- women not being themselves, women not laughing, not speaking their opinions, not telling jokes- when they are around men.  I think as women, these things have been beaten into our souls by society.  Once again, either consciously or subconsciously. 

We believe that these things will make us seem unattractive to men; or on the flip side, that other women will dismiss us as a 'guys girl', and judge appropriately,

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  Women, we need to be our own best friends first.  We need to stop judging each other, ignoring one another, being jealous of one another.  Once we are at peace with being a woman, and other woman, we can do anything!  Because at the stem of jealousy, is an unhappy person.  A person who does not love themselves, and wishes they could be ANYONE else besides themselves.

With that being said, everyone has felt that way.  Everyone has lacked confidence at one point or another (I know I have!).  The brain is hard to rewire, but think of it as you would a habit.  The thoughts that pop into your head have patterns.  You created that pattern, that 'habit', and you can just as easily change that pattern or habit.  With practice. 

When you feel jealous (or have a negative thought), don't hate yourself!  Stand apart from your thought, and view it as if you were someone else.  Laugh at it.  Say to yourself, "Oh brain".  Move on, brush it off.  Acknowledge the crazy thought, accept it, and put something positive in it's place.  The more you feed into these thoughts, the more they will flourish.  Even if your trying to NOT think about something, you are still putting thought into it, thus giving it life. 

This works for all negative thoughts.  Eventually, they will become fewer and further between.  Obviously, we will always have negative thoughts pop into our minds- it's human nature.  But we don't have to listen to them!  :)

We are always a work in progress!

Lena <3

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