Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Painted Lady.

1990's Jean Jacket (Thrifted, $4)
-Painted by Me-
Orange Lipstick
Tshirt Dress ($7)
Orange & Pink Socks (?)
Orange-y Keds (Thrifted, $ .50)

-Please avoid staring at my blotchy ankles.  It's cold in here, geez...-

A few weeks ago, after dreaming all winter of multiple tshirt dresses adorned with vintage t-shirt transfers, I threw down the necessary funds and purchased an 1970's Transfer book.

Well, the transfers don't work (shame, shame), and my tshirt dress idea didn't quite turn out as planned.. but behold the result:

I hand copied my favorite transfer out of the book (yes, this took a while, lol) with a black sharpie, and finally got around to painting it last night.  I'm in love <3. 
I've been looking for a customized jean jacket for months, so why didn't it occur to me sooner to just paint on my own??  Who. Knows.

Finding the perfect fitting jean jacket did take HOURS of running from thrift store to thrift store, but I found it, and it couldn't be more of what I wanted :). 

Anyway, I am probably going to be making about 50 in the next couple weeks- so watch out!
The possibilities.

'Oh! Darling Vintage' s 1st year anniversary was on Saturday!  Of course, it stormed ALL DAY; but it went really, really well overall.  We got a ton of new customers (which we wooed with vegan cookies & cupcakes), and lots of happy purchases. 
So many purchases, that I had to go out and replenish on my days off (no complaining here!).

While I was out, I found these awesome orange 70's Keds at a new (to me) thrift store for $.50.  With thrift prices skyrocketing lately (grrrr.), it's nice to still be able to get a deal sometimes.  Seriously, I went to one thrift store that was selling a Mexican circle skirt (with a stain on it) for $50.  Jesus christ.  I mean, come on people. 

So excited that it turned out!!!

I'm going to see the 'Punch Brothers' tonight! Pumped! They are playing in the town near where I went to high school, so I'm meeting up with some old pals and doing dinner and then the show. :)

Have a great day, and see you soon.


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