Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yellow Dress (U.O, Gift)
Felt Daisy Choker (DIY)
Bass White Sandals (Thrifted, $6)
Beaded Felt Bird Purse (DIY)

(My camera is on the fritz- beware of the blur)

Oh my god, it's finally Spring!
Thank you universe!

Today should be the template for every perfect day here on out :). 
In more interesting news, I finally finished my purse this morning.  I love it- but I definitely learned what to do/what not to do with the next one.  I'm in love with the beading, and strangely I want to bead everything!  Honestly, I never understood how someone could take the time to bead clothing/accessories, but I'm totally into it now.  It really doesn't take that long at all.  But beware: it is totally addictive. 

Monday we went and saw 'The Lemonheads'!  It was an awesome day; vintage store shopping, vegan food, and great music.  The drive is only an only and half, and left me wondering why we don't go more often?  My favorite vintage store that we visited (by far) was called 'The Nitty Gritty'.  They had a great collection, and ever better prices! 
Honestly, I don't even bother going into vintage stores if their prices are higher than ours..  I'm a thrifter all the way, so paying $100 for a dress is just not going to happen (yes, there are circumstances, but not on a normal shopping trip). 

Ohhh, this dress rocks.  It's not vintage one bit, but I already want to buy it in 50 different colors and wear them all at the same time :).  Jimmy got it for me for Valentines Day and it just arrived last night.  So. Comfy.

The purse! 
I really dig tiny round purses- and have been wanting to copy my yellow one for years.  It's starting to wear out, so I want to have the logistics down before it bites the dust.
I'm not going to lie, the bird is there for no other reason than the fact that I really wanted to bead a wing.  :)

I found out yesterday from the landlord that they have to open a wall to repair a pipe.  EEK!  I'm so nervous that we are going to have to close for more than a day...  But being able to bike in the sunshine would be a fine trade <3. 

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