Tuesday, March 20, 2012


1960's Velvet Daisy Shift (Cherry Bomb Vintage, $16)
1960's Bias Slip (Thrifted, $1)
1970's Pink,Olive,Yellow Hair Yarn (Gifted/Thrifted)
1970's White Bass Sandals (Thrifted, $6)

On my last trip to Louisville, I found this AWESOME dress at a vintage store on Bardstown Rd.  They didn't have too many vintage pieces, but the ones they did have were definitely quality.  And how can you beat $16? 

I had to find a nude slip -that didn't look like a slip- to wear under this baby, which proved to be slightly difficult.  But I finally found a nude bias cut slip yesterday while thrifting, and it is a keeper :). 

Unfortunately, as you can see, this dress is WAY small on top...  I knew it was true, but didn't want to believe it...  But you can't really disagree with a picture!  So onto Etsy it goes :(. 

It's made of a semi-sheer yellow cotton adorned with white velvet daisies.  :::Sigh:::

At least this dress will make someone out there a very happy lady!
This being said, I am ALL for recycling vintage.  If you don't love one of your pieces, put it back out into the world for someone else to enjoy! 

Plus, it ups your thrifting-karma 3 fold (proven fact).

I know I have probably talked about my dislike for commercial "beauty" products here before, but yesterday I found the mother of all substitutes!

Shampoo was the last product that I just couldn't seem to shake.  I found a great shampoo over a year ago- it felt fantastic, had as few chemicals as I could find, and made my scalp/hair feel a lot healthier.  Plus, it eliminated the need for conditioner ( if you find a quality shampoo, you don't need it one bit!). 

In the past couple weeks, my 'great' shampoo started having the same effect on my hair as the others I had upgraded from.  I knew I had to find a natural alternative.

I searched the Internet far and wide, and found lemons to be the best option- but still didn't quite feel that living in Kentucky and using 1-2 lemons every time I wanted to wash my hair any more sustainable.  Yes, healthier for my scalp, but not for poor old earth. 


I found the solution:  Baking Soda!!

I put maybe 1-2 Tablespoons into a glass, and poured some warm water over it, and stirred it to dissolve.  I WISH I would have measured it out.  I would think that I poured about a cup into the BS, and dissolved. 

Anyway.  Then, while in the shower, I bent over a little, parted my hair, and poured the solution until it was gone.  The coolest thing, it that I could feel the shampoo residue running out with the water- making the water feel soft. 

It's funny, but my hair actually felt squeaky (as in squeaky clean) while rinsing!  I over rinsed, since it was my first time, just to be sure to get all of the solution out (I wasn't sure what would happen, haha).  When towel drying, I did get a little nervous, since the texture felt a little different than normal.

I couldn't wait to see the results, so I got out the ol' blow dryer, and seriously, my hair felt great!  It was actually fluffier than usual!!

I touched it all night long, :).  Upon waking, my hair feels soft, and my scalp feels extra clean and happy!

Outcome?:  I will never, EVER buy shampoo again.  Which rocks.

-BTW, I went to Whole Foods and got their Baking Soda.-

I was so excited to take some pictures today so I could see my hair- and it's probably just in my head, but it seems even shinier than normal!  And I actually got some hair compliments when I went out last night :). 

Oh yeah, and I quit coffee while I was gone too!  I'm coming up on a month.  I'm so glad I did.  Yes, it was a little difficult, but totally necessary for my health.  The first week was the worst- now it's just a craving here or there.  Perhaps later in life I will be able to enjoy a cup every once in a while- but for now I have found the negatives to FAR out way the positives.  I'll stick with my tea. 

Have an awesome day, and I will see you soon!

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