Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1990's, I'm Bias.

1990's Ditsy Floral Bias Dress (Thrifted, ?)
1960's Earrings (Yard Sale, $0.50)
1970's Platforms (Ebay)
2 Gold & Green Rings

As you may know, Picnik, the photo editing website will be closing soon :(.  So, I'm taking advantage of all the effects I can while they're still around!

I did a major clothing ousting in the shop yesterday.  A spring cleaning, if you will.  I got rid of all the pieces that have somehow made it through the year without much notice.  Can you believe it's going to be a year soon?!  Craziness. 

Anyway, this dress was about to be donated, when it occurred to me that I had never even tried it on!  I've been wanting a dress like this for a couple weeks, so I decided to give it a go.  And what do you know?  It's turned into my new favorite dress overnight :).  I think the reason I didn't try it on in the first place is because there isn't any closure on the dress- so on the hanger it just kinda looks like a rectangle (an unattractive rectangle at that). 

But, it's bias cut, so the second you put it on it forms around your body nicely.  I'm so glad I gave it a second thought!

I found these earrings at a yard sale last weekend.  They were clip-ons, so I replaced them with posts, added some extra chain for other discarded earrings, and voila! 

Today was my second go at the 'Baking Soda Hairwashing', and I must say, I'm never going back.  My hair still feels awesome!
I didn't mention this yesterday, but through the last couple years I've tried a few things here and there.  The worst being coconut oil- don't do it!!!  It made my hair look WET for about a week.  It took washing it about 10 times to get it back to normal...  Sure, put some on the ends of your hair, or rub some into your hands and run them lightly on top of your hair to give it some shine.  But for the love of god, do not get in the shower and put a handful in your hair!!!  I had read multiple articles advising people to do this. 
The others either left a slight film on my hair (which I really dislike), or had a smell (eesh). 

Last night, Jimmy and I walked to the levee and saw the movie 'Wanderlust'.  It was funny overall- a little lacking in the characters (it's a big budget H movie, so I expected as much), but there was some really good slapstick humor throughout! 

This week is turning out to be a busy one!  We have a dinner party to go to tonight, Indian style (yuuummm).  So, I'm going to out and look for some bindhi's for everyone to wear :).  Hopefully I can find some!  It occurred to me last night that I haven't seen them in a long time, although, I haven't really looked since high school, haha.  It'll be such a great surprise though if I can find them!

The band I'm in, Good Night Noises, has a show next Tuesday at 'The Comet', which we are really pumped about!  It's the first time we've ever played in Northside (a neighborhood in Cincy), and it'll also be our first show with our 2 new members, who we are SO happy to have.  So many firsts!

Have a great day, ally.   

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