Thursday, January 5, 2012

Clouds taste Metallic.

1990's Cropped Sweater (Thrifted, $2)
1990's Oil Heart Necklace (Gifted, $0)
Green Corduroy Skirt (UO, $5)
Brown Tights (AA)
Brown Boots ($26)

Yesterday I decided to face my fear of saving money.  I know this probably sounds ridiculous, but I've always been pretty terrified to face the fact that I will have to be responsible for saving the money I will live on when I'm old and grey.  Even typing this makes what I just said sound even more silly, but hey, it's therapeutic right?
Anyhow, I devised a lifetime savings plan (yes, there is a graph), and I feel as if a 100 pound weight has been lifted from my shoulders!
I'm no longer scared, and actually, through the course of the day I realized how fun it can be to "organize" money.  (Note to self: repeat this over and over until it becomes true.)
There is a picture of me organizing the refrigerator when I was one.  Geez. 
I should find it and post it!  It's so funny. :)

I had a dream about 6 months ago in which the "Flaming Lips" were my favorite band.  And in this dream, I was thinking to myself, "why did it take me so long?". 
I remember hearing "She don't use Jelly" for the first time on the radio when I was around 6, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  It's the first "weird" song I ever heard, and I was immediately struck.  That, and "Instanbul" by They Might Be Giants (I heard it on a commercial around that age).  Oh yeah, and "Puttin on the Ritz" by Taco.  I was intrigued by the 'oddness', and the underlining darkness (especially the Taco song).  I had to hear more!
These are the songs that originally got me into rock music. 
Plus, thankfully, my mom was into Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, etc., so I was surrounded by good music. 
Thanks mom! 
One of my next posts will be about my favorite bands from 1st grade on- yeah, I'm feeling nostalgic, can you tell?  haha

Ah, look at that glorious oil necklace!!
I was obsessed with oil jewelry, oil stickers (remember those?), and the like in Elementary school. 
This is one of the necklaces Lindsay gave me from her childhood jewelry bag of goodies! 
Thanks lady!!


It's sunny today! 
Now I'm off to go get some awesome vegan greatness that is 'Park & Vine' lunch.  Yum.  I'm starving.
Hope it's sunny where you are, and have a good day!


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