Tuesday, January 3, 2012


1970's Bed sheet (Thrifted, $1)
(Elastic, Suede cord, Bias Tape $0)
-Dress Sewn by Me-
Yellow Tights (Gift)
Brown Knee Socks
Black Velvet Flats

I made this dress New Years Eve, and have been itching to wear it since.  It's made from a 70's bed sheet that was thoroughly worn in- and it is SO comfortable.  Wearing a bed sheet seemed fitting since I had such a hard time leaving mine this morning :).
Last night Jimmy and I had some wine and watched the new Pearl Jam documentary- which was AWESOME!  Pearl Jam 20 is the title, and Cameron Crowe is the director.  He's been following the band from their start, and it's so cool to see their major songs being written.  Plus, you get to see their second show ever, which will never let you question why they are so famous ever again.  Really, even if you hate Pearl Jam you will enjoy this doc.  So good. 
Of course, with watching any music docu, afterward all I want to do is play music.  Thank god Jimmy has the same mind set, so we played guitars into the night. 

Yesterday morning I watched the 2nd episode of Portlandia (weird, huh?  Sneak preview I suppose?) on Hulu, and Eddie Vedder was in it.  Full circle kind of day :).  Oh, and the episode is only on the website for another 2 days, so get to it!
On another note- it's freezing!!!  The store only has one base heater that we can't turn up too high or it will burn the skirts (geez).

I'm currently working on Jimmy's brothers fiance's Rehearsal dinner dress (mouthful, eh?).  It has a gorgeous scalloped neckline, and nipped waist and a full skirt.  I'm so excited to see it finished!!!  Thus, you probably won't be seeing any creations this week. 

 Have a great day!  Ally


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