Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a Day in the Life.

Since it's rainy & depressing out today, I thought I'd do something a little different!
I know what your thinking; "why do I care what products you use?" 
You probably don't.  BUT, I think it's along the same lines as wanting to look in someones house, or their diary; we just like to look at other peoples crap.  :)
So, behold!

A couple years ago I did research on every area that the media tells us we need a "product" for.  Let me tell you, it was incredibly insightful.  It's a great way to spend an afternoon, and a huge eye opener to boot.

Anyway, after much research, the next step up from using straight sea salt or baking soda for "toothpaste" is 'EcoDent' tooth powder.  I'm addicted!  I love the natural mint taste.  Plus, if I'm ever out (eek!) and have to use Jimmy's 'Tom's' toothpaste, it feels like I'm brushing my teeth with a lollipop.  Yuck. 
Sugar+teeth= bad news.
And to think it's usually the 2nd or 3rd ingredient in most toothpastes!  Ha!  Talk about a racket!

I love to floss; which wasn't always the case.  Now that I'm in the habit though, it's hard to go a day without.  I love tea tree oil, so this 'Desert Essence' is a perfect fit.  Plus, the name is awesome to make skits/little ditties up to while your flossing. 

Now to Shampoo!! 
I used to use massive amounts of conditioner on my hair.  And, my hair was always dry (I dyed it constantly).  Either way, once I started researching shampoo/conditioner, I found that main stream products have tons of alcohol (which dries out your hair), or other chemicals that give your hair a really funky texture.  UNLESS, you use their conditioner. 
This 'Soignee' shampoo is a little pricey, I'm not going to lie.  But, I literally use a pea size amount, and don't have to use conditioner ever; so I think it works out. :) 
Plus, it contains MSM which is awesome for hair, nails, and the like.  It's usually broken down into a powder form, and is found in the earth.  You can actually take capsules of it (but, you should probably research that and form your own opinion). 

Ah, glorious, glorious Coconut Oil.  I've used it for everything for years.  As lotion, chapstick, on static-y hair, etc.  A word on lotion: Normal lotion basically sits on the top of your skin, making it necessary to use it over and over; what you need is an oil that penetrates the skin.  Plus, your skin sucks up everything, so slathering on chemicals kind of defeats the purpose (because your skin wants to expel it asap). 
When using oil on the skin, always buy high quality Organic (and hopefully raw) products.  Make sure they are always food grade!

Every morning I make a green smoothie; packed with fruits, greens, and some sort of algae. 
I won't go into this, but man, it makes you feel great.  Make sure you try to rotate your greens every few days.  Collards, chard, spinach, kale, wild lettuce, etc.  And don't add anything but fruits, greens, water, and maybe a little ice!  You want it to be a healthy shot to the body; by adding yogurt/milk/even soy milk, you're making your body have to sort through the good and bad.  You want it to be the easiest digestible meal of your day!

The 'Blendtec' blender is the best gift I've ever received (when it comes to daily use).  It seriously blends up anything you throw at it!  I use it at least every day, and it worked just as good as it did 2 years ago.  Yes, it is expensive.  Very expensive; but you will have it forever, and the health benefits of making raw smoothies, soups, etc. are priceless in my opinion.

Oh yeah, I'm addicted to Chamomile tea right now, so had to add that!

I generally make a big vegetable/lettuce salad for lunch, and I LOVE 'Ume vinegar'.  It's actually not vinegar, but a brine, and is made from umebashi plums.  Throw in a smashed ripe avocado, and drizzle some Ume, mix it all up, and you've got a flavor explosion!  If you're lucky, you'll have some raw pumpkin seeds, which give the whole thing a bacon-y like taste (don't know why, but it does!).  Oh yeah, and to take it to the next level, dice up some raw dates, and sprinkle on some dehydrated raw onions.  YUM!

Oh yes, beauty. 
I don't use deodorant anymore, but when I feel like I need something, I use 'Scent of Samadhi'.  It's an Indian powder that, I think, smells awesome.  I've had the tiny canister for over a year, and still have one left for the next month or two. 
Eh, makeup isn't anything special.  I do choose to use 'Make up Forever' lipstick specifically because the quality is noticeably better than any other brand I've ever used.  The liquid liner I've used since middle school, so it's hard for me to use anything other than a felt tip! 

And there you have it! 
One giant rant, haha.  At least I didn't food- then you'd be in for it! 

Tonight Jimmy and I are playing an acoustic set at "The Crazy Fox".  Well, he'll be playing majority of the time, but I'm joining him for about an hour :).  Wish me luck, and have a great day (in spite of the terrible weather).  ally.


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