Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jamaica, Mon.


We just got back from Jamaica Tuesday night.  I had an excellent time, but am so glad to be home!  Once I start missing washing the dishes, I know I'm ready to get back to reality :). 

To be honest, I went into this vacation with one agenda:  to relieve my mind.  I have to say friends, I succeeded.  Every morning, I went to the beach alone, armed with my trusty "Become Who You Are" book and ready to make some mental headway.  I find that working on yourself gets so stagnant when you run out of ways to put it to practice.  I stared into the sky, listened to beach singers, and pondered my life, but most of all I practiced just relishing in the moment.  I found that I could easily clear the cobwebs on old, negative, dusty thoughts and let the sunshine burn them away.  I was also reminded that I really do thrive in tropical weather.  Something about my make up really does feel 100 times more clear and happy in the heat.  I just feel so much more healthy- mentally & physically. 

With that being said, I left the island feeling renewed.  I feel more confident in who I am, the path that I'm on, my love for my Jimmy, my Mother & friends (old and new), and just generally thankful for having life. 

On a lighter note :), check out my new bathing suit up there!  I got the high waisted bottoms from Urban Outfitters (which I LOVE), and the top from a local store. 

One night, we all went to a cliffside restaurant for dinner.  We were able to walk down to a rock formation surrounded by ocean; and yes, MANY photos followed :).  The flowers in my hair (and holding), were on all the outdoor tables- they were so pretty.

Haha, oh my, my attempt at a photo op!  Ahhh, oh well. 

Below are 2 pictures from our first night, in which we discovered a beautiful old tree (perfect for some etheral looking pictures).  Jimmy's brother has a cooler one of me higher up on the tree and looking even more floaty.  The other is of Lisa (in a dress she got from our shop), which I have already edited.  It looks so cool!

There were soooo many beautiful flowers! 

Jungle kitty!

This is a view of the resort we stayed in, Grand Lido in Negril. 

So, this vacation was the first time that Jimmy and I found some activities that we were interested in.  First off, we went parasailing!!  What an experience!!  From the beach, it looks pretty freaking high- when your in the sky, I assure you, it's even higher!!!  I can't lie, for the first minute, it was pretty intense, but once you let go, it feels so amazing!  I literally was either laughing or smiling the enitre time.  What a rush!  While we were up there, we saw a giant sea turtle swimming all by his lonesome, flew beside a seagull, and saw a huge spotted stringray. 

Later on, we took out a 2 person Kayak-looking thingy for a couple hours.  We saw baby starfish, and sand dollars <3.  I realized that I had never seen a sand dollar actually living in the ocean (despite growing up in Florida), so that was so cool to see!

Haha, the baby crabs were hatching all around the resort, so there were thousands of tiny red/clear crabs everywhere.  I was constantly dodging them; they were the size of large ants.  Hmm, what else? 

Oh yes; Jimmy got to preform with 2 Jamaican bands- once at the resort talent show, and then at 'Bourbon Beach', which is a big Jamaican outdoor music venue. 

Of course we had to pick the same night to wear our long paisley dresses, lol.

He is so funny :). 

One more thing.  The world is full of so many negative people.  It takes practice not to get sucked in; but man, once you find ways to keep yourself happy, you feel like you can do anything!!! 

A Jamaican Jimmy and I met said, "If you are ever lost, walk torward the sun.  Physically, and mentally."  Great, huh?  It was perfect because I just finished a song before coming with the lyric "always walk torward the sun"; funny how the universe always supports your outlook isn't it?  Expect bad, and that's what you'll get. 

I love you all, and I hope you had a fantastic week! 

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