Friday, June 8, 2012


90's does 30's Sheer Floral Bias Dress ($4.99)
1970's Black Maxi Slip ($1)
Black Velvet Flats

After years of searching, I finally found my sheer floral dress!  I gave up trying to find a real 30's dress fitting this description when the prices soared to a minimum of $200.  I just can't spend that much on a piece of clothing. 

 The split sleeves really add to the 'vintage' look; the only thing I could wish for would be a "dust" ruffle at the bottom (but I realize that is asking a little much for a thrift store find, haha).  So, I searched for weeks for a nude maxi slip dress to no avail, when I decided to throw my black one underneath "just to see".  And, it totally works!  Plus, the slip is an inch or two longer than the dress, which adds a little something extra when I'm walking/sitting that I really dig.  Ahh, so excited to wear this all Summer long. 

Blogger is driving me INSANE!!  What's going on with it?  It won't let me insert space between pictures or add writing..  Bah!
A couple nights ago, yes, after some drinks (i.e. courage), I decided to make a video of myself singing my newest song.  Which I then posted to youtube.  !!!!  What an absolutely strange process.  Although, it is weirdly exciting to know that a random person could hear your song and actually enjoy it.  Anyway, I've never had owned video recorder, or worked with any kind of film software, so it was a little slow going, but I enjoyed the process!  I actually cropped it, woohoo!  Overall, I'm glad I did it- but man, it's definitely strange. 

I'm reading a couple of books right now: 

The Man who quit Money - by Mark Sundeen
Fire Season: Field Notes from a Wilderness Lookout - Philip Connors

"The Man who quit Money" was a little slow going (the author is a little too opinionated in the first chapter for me) at first, but I'm really enjoying it.  It's about Daniel Suelo, who lives off the land and shuns bartering/the money system all together.  The author does a good job of skipping around to different points of Suelo's life- speaking of religion, his fall from religion, love, personal relationships, as well as the technical aspects of living outside with no money.  He quit money in 2000, and is still going strong :). 

The 2nd book, is by a 'Fire Lookout'.  He explains how he got into the position, and has some WONDERFUL insights on the necessities of Fire, and some beautiful stories about nature/animals/man.  I love this guy.  

Have a great day, and see ya soon!

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